More People Hit The Gym For 2009

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions promising ourselves that we will visit our mothers more often, try harder to get on with the neighbors and perhaps the most popular to lose weight and work on being healthier.

As a result, many people hit the gym in the first week of January full of good intentions, which for some lead to a healthier body but for others is no more than a passing fad quickly put to one side until next year’s resolutions roll around.

Health clubs and gyms across the country are facing the same financial problems as most American businesses as their customers tighten their financial belts in difficult economic times.

But perhaps financial problems have focused the minds of many Americans on what is more important in life, such as personal well-being. Across the country gyms and fitness centers are reporting a January increase in business of anything between 10 and 20% compared to January last year.

Many fitness establishments are holding down their membership fees or offering other incentives, in order to keep members from drifting away purely for financial reasons.

Of course it is anyone’s guess as to how many of these new enthusiastic iron pumpers will still be “feeling the burn” by the time Valentines Day rolls around