Rock Climbing and Keeping Fit, the Celebrity Style

There are a lot of people who opt for rock climbing when it comes to working out. Why? It makes your entire body work, not to mention that it also has social advantages.

Numerous people have seen all the things that the activity has to offer, including well-known stars. While some use it to get in shape for a given role, others do it to stay in shape.

rock climbing celebrities

Lea Michele

This actress really enjoys indoors rock climbing. In fact she likes it so much that she preferred to have an interview at the gym. It looks like she really got hung up on the activity, since she hits the gym even after a long night. Way to go, Lea!

Mariel Hemingway

She is also an actress that you might have heard about. She got passionate about the activity about a year ago, but she is going professional, so it looks like she has been doing it for a long time now.

According to her, rock climbing makes her more aware, humble and present. She really likes nature and the mental and physical advantages of the activity make her more motivated to give the best of her.

Keira Knightley

The truth is that this actress doesn’t really speak about her fitness routine, but while she has been filming the movie The Duchess, photographers have spotted her in an indoor climbing gym.

Eliza Dushku

It is a known fact that in the majority of the cases she plays the role of tough women, so it is no wonder that she is practicing this activity. The truth is that this isn’t such a big thing for her since she has grown up with activities shared by her brothers outdoors. Even in our days she finds it very important to stay fit.

Kristen Bell

She really likes to stay in shape with the help of outdoor activities, such as hiking and cave exploration. She also stated that she stays in shape with the help of rock climbing that she practices inMalibuwith her family. It is very likely that she can be spotted inMalibuCreekState Parkthat is very popular in the area, and that is also a favorite region of Mariel Hemingway.

Jessica Biel

She isn’t really into rock climbing, but she participated in a journey to get to the summit ofMount Kilimanjaro. It looks like this wasn’t enough, and now she is going forMount Everest.