How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle? 10 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

While the question how to live a healthy lifestyle could yield different answers for different people, the fact remains that there are certain tenets of a healthy lifestyle that apply to everyone, regardless of their health, age, occupation, location or lifestyle.

Here are 10 answers to the question how to live a healthy lifestyle that can reasonably apply to all of us.

10 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Eat fruit, veg and whole grains  You’ve heard it before – your diet is a key to a healthy life.

Eating lots of fruit, vegetable, whole grains not only gives you a lot of nutrients for a healthy body and to fight infection, but the more of this you eat, the less refined and processed food, typically high in sugar and fat you will end up consuming.

2. Exercise every day – Pick any activity that you like – going out for a walk, doing pushups at home, jumping rope with the kids, playing basketball with buddies, just anything that gets you up and your heart rate going helps you get healthy.

3. Give up bad habits – How to live a healthy lifestyle? One that has no bad habits obviously. So cigarette smoking, substance abuse, and so on has to be a complete no-no. Make sure that alcohol consumption is also well within moderation.

4. Lower stress – Stress is s killer – literally and figuratively. It can lower immunity, increase obesity, particularly abdominal fat, and contribute to disease. It can also lower quality of life and negatively impact mental health and relationships.

5. Laugh – It will help you live longer. Laughing frequently means a lot of things – it means that you are relatively happy with life; that it is likely you have someone to laugh with that that your health is good enough for you to find humor in life. They call laughter internal jogging; it is more than that it is a panacea that should be part of your quest for what is a healthy style.

6. Play – When children play it is make-believe and practicing for later in life. When adults play it is a method of relaxation, a means to bond and spend time with family and indulge in physical activity at the same time. Play can also mean a good game of scrabble with a friend, which stretches the muscles of your brain rather than the body; equally good for you.

7. Love – Having meaningful and loving relationships ups the quality of life, making it more fluffing and worthwhile. Having sex frequently has its own many benefits that constitute how to live a healthy lifestyle.

8. Look after your teeth – Your pearly whites not only give away your age, they also indicate overall good health.

9. Take time for the people and the things you love – Work hard, but make sure you have time for the things in life that are important to you. Not doing so can lead to resentment, frustration and an overall poorer quality of life.

10. Sleep well – Good quality sleep is vital for the body and brain to function properly, for the body to remain healthy, the immune system to work properly and so restful and adequate sleep is vitally important to answer the question how to live a healthy lifestyle.