Healthy Living Practices for Kids to Follow

Just like adults, it is very important for kids or children too to follow a healthy lifestyle.  Right from the early days to childhood itself, parents must inculcate good and healthy habits among their children so that they can be healthy, fit and remain away from unhealthy practices.

Ofcourse, this is easier said than done because in our busy lifestyles, we hardly get time to teach and promote healthy living practices to kids.  But it is crucial that you make time to transfer good habits for a bright future for your kids. The following are some of the healthy living practices for kids to follow:

healthy living practices for kids to followBe Active

One of the first secrets to leading a healthy life is to remain very active and physically charged. For this, kids must do regular physical activities and be involved in atleast one sport so that they can grow healthily and develop well physically.  Moreover, this also infuses a sense of activeness and sportsmanship in children from the very beginning.  Make it a point that your kids participate in sport activities in school and engage in outdoor activities rather than indoor games.

Stay Hydrated

Another practice for a healthy lifestyle that your kids must follow is to stay hydrated.  Kids must have enough water everyday and drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday. Besides water, kids must have fresh fruit juices, reduced fat milk and other nutritious drinks.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Eating enough fruits and vegetables everyday is another practice which can keep your kids healthy.  Fruits and vegetables help children to grow and develop and can boost their vitality as well.  This also helps to reduce the risk of diseases and thus promotes preventive care.  It is a good idea to replace fast food with a serving made of vegetables or a fruit.


Another healthy living practice for kids is washing hands before and after meals.  Kids must be taught to respect hygiene and they must be encouraged to keep themselves and their surroundings clean always. Children are very prone to infections and this is more so the case if they do not take care of cleanliness and hygiene. Children must take a bath everyday and should wash fruits before eating.

Reduce TV Time

While it is not completely wrong for kids to enjoy some time watching TV everyday but it is best to restrict the TV time to the minimum possible. Kids often spend hours watching television which tends to affect their eyesight and reduces the time they spend on physical activities or studies.  Encourage the children to rather spend time reading, playing, studying etc.

Reduce Eating Snacks

A snack every now and then is good for the children but making this a habit can prove very dangerous for kids.  The maximum number of victims of obesity are children and teenagers and hence children must be given healthier alternatives to snacks and junk foods.  Make sure they stay away from eating chips, snacks, gums, fizzy drinks and other foods.