Shaping Up the Apple Shaped Body

In case you have some areas of the boy that have excessive fat, you could have either an apple shaped body or a pear shaped body. It is true that some part of the body shape is determined by genetics, but still…it is possible to lose fat, regardless of the body shape.

In case you have a body in the shape of an apple you have the possibility to lose weight and reduce the amount of fat that you carry through having a healthy diet and doing certain kinds of exercises.

Apple Shaped BodyThe majority of the adults have some fat in their body, but if that accumulates around the trunk, it means you have an apple shape body.

In the apple body shape, the fat accumulates around the stomach region.

In case your waist is larger than 35 inches in case of women and 40 inches in case of men, your body fits in the category called apple shaped.

If you would like to change the shape of your body, you should cut about 1000 calories a day through exercising and the weight loss rate that is recommended should be of 2 lb. maximum.

Besides cutting the calories the future diet intended to correct the apple body shape must be carefully monitored. Such a diet should consist of 40% carbohydrates, small amounts of monosaturated fats and consist mainly the kinds of food that are rich in fibers.

Other choices that you should consider when having an apple shaped body include fruits, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, brown rice and whole grains.

As the exercises recommended when you have a body in the shape of an apple are concerned, in order to achieve weight loss you have to focus on cardiovascular and strength-training exercises.

The advantage of the cardiovascular exercises is that it helps you burn fat from all over the body and the strength-training workouts will strengthen the muscles underneath the skin.

Think about doing weight-bearing cardiovascular exercises at least 120 minutes every week. This could include hill walking, running or using the elliptical machine. Doing crunches three times a week could also help you achieve your goals. Choose from long-arm, oblique ball crunch and bicycle. Nonetheless you should remember not to neglect the arms and legs when performing the exercises.

If you happen to have apple shaped body you should think about including biceps curls, triceps extensions, lunges and dumbbell fly in order to develop muscle mass and also to burn some fat.

You should know that the people who have a body in the shape of an apple could have some health risks associated to their body shape, and this is why they should be working with their doctor to monitor other aspects of their health, such as cholesterol level and blood pressure and the possibility of getting diabetes.

If you are a woman with a body in shape of an apple you should make sure to consume fat-free milk to have the needed calcium intake because osteoporosis is a known companion of this particular body shape around the menopause age.

This body shape type isn’t a curse, but something to work with and if you take a look at the movie stars out there you can identify a lot of them having an apple shaped body. If they can make the most of it so can you.