Forearm Exercise – A Great Way To Strengthen Your Forearm Muscles

Attractive legs, pencil-thin waist and sleek shoulders are every woman’s desire as they will give a perfect body shape.

Along with these, acquiring strong forearm is also an important thing.

Getting strong forearms is essential for various recreational activities like rock climbing, softball, arm wrestling, etc.

Forearm weakness is the problem associated with many bodybuilders.

The main reason is improper training of the forearm right from the beginning of your body building workout. Failing to perform the forearm exercise in a correct manner is also a reason for forearm lagging behind.Forearm Exercises

One-arm training is a key technique for improving the lagging forearm muscles. Dumbbell wrist curls and dumbbell reverse wrist curls are the two main forearm exercises for improving the forearm muscles.

Along with these exercises, cable work with one arm at a time forces both the forearm muscles to work separately and to work against a special type of resistance as well. To do this kind of workout, it is better to practice one-arm cable reverse curl.

So, those who want to get strong forearms should follow the following forearm exercises.

Forearm exercises:

Reverse curls:

Get a curl bar and grip it behind your thighs by gripping it at your shoulder’s length. Perform a reverse hold on the curl bar, this implies, your palms face away from you but not towards you.

At the sides, keep your elbows locked and then lift the curl bar up near to your chest. When your forearms are totally contracted, then stop doing, which means your hands must be diagonally aligned from your shoulder.

Bring your arms again to the beginning position by allowing your weight to perform the negative part of the workout. During this negative motion, try to compress your forearm muscles.

Forearm exercise with wrist rollers:

Stand on your feet by placing them at a distance of your shoulder width and hold the wrist roller with your hands. To begin this forearm exercise, hold the bar by using your overhand grip.

Extend both the arms straight out in front of you and parallel to the ground. After that, rotate the weight up from the ground by rapidly twisting the bar by your wrists and hands.

When the weight reaches the top, gradually lower the plate back to the floor by reversing the motion of your wrists and hands. Repeat this forearm exercise for 14-16 times.

Reverse cable curls:

This forearm exercise is same as reverse barbell curl exercise. Stand on your feet by placing them at a distance of your should width. Hold the short bar which is attached to a pulley with your hands. Start by hanging your arms down and fully extended. Then bend the bar parallel to the floor.

You should lock your elbows throughout the exercise and your focus should be on working of your hands.

So, if you want to include these forearm exercises into your workout routine, it is better to practice them after completing the biceps workout.