Menopause Can Be Easier With Exercise

Beginning at the age of late 30’s and early 40’s, the ovaries begin to decrease hormone production.

It reaches its peak in 40’s, fluctuates by 50’s and says goodbye to their life companion, the monthly period. This sad aging story of ovaries is called menopause.

Being unknowingly sad to lose their life companion, women begin to get disturbed because of hormonal changes and slowing metabolism.

The most common problems that occur during this period are sleep disorders, depression, stress, hot flashes, cardiovascular disease and the most terrifying one: gaining weight.exercise

These discomforts cause the nerves of family members, work partners, friends and any other people that are related to these women to be more and more stretched every day.

In order to get through this hard and tough period, is to exercise. Exercising may reduce stress, helps losing weight, reduces hot flashes and increases bone mass to prevent osteoporosis.

For women who have not done any kind of exercises before are recommended to begin with walking and cycling. These exercises, especially the ones that can be done outdoors, reduce stress and do not force the body like any other cardio exercises.

When the women going through menopause period have done exercises before and are fit, they may try some harder exercises like cardio routines or group fitness at the gym.

Swimming and dancing may be amusing activities to prevent the body from being overstressed during this time. Also to reduce stress, depression and ensuring a good night sleep, yoga comes highly recommended. By doing yoga, both the body and mind can be relaxed and face the changes more easily.

These exercises not only helps to go through menopause period, but also leads a healthier way to be more fit in women’s later years. For the working women and women who are too depressed to exercise, there are also some helpful solutions like walking just a few blocks in the neighborhood and taking natural remedies to get over the depression. When starting to do a fitness program, a doctor or a trainer should be consulted to help choose the best solutions.

On the other hand, by changing eating habits, women may feel better during the menopausal period. Eating fresh food and vegetables will make the body smile again and feel “lighter” than usual.

With the effective cardio exercises and herbal supplements acting as depression-busters, together with love and a big smile on the face can be the right recipe to pass through this hard period.