Sculpting a Sexy Body with Simple Moves

There are a lot of things that might stop you from going to the gym. Maybe you don’t like the fact that it is crowded or you simply don’t have the time to go. In this case you should look for exercises that you can perform at home and that don’t require any equipment.

Competition Sit-Ups

Competition sit-ups

This is something like the regular sit-up: start by lying down with the legs extended, arms by your side. Engage your core muscles and sit up while bending the knees and bringing them to your chest for you to reach your toes. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise for 1 minute.

Plank Tuck

Plank tuck

Holding a plank is quite difficult on its own, but you could take things to a whole new level. Start with a plank position with the toes on a bench. Bring your right knee to your elbow and return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side as well.

High Knee Toe Touch

High knee toe touch

Start by standing in front of a sturdy box or a bench with the elbows bent at your sides. Tap the right toes on the bench and then switch legs. Raise your knees as high as possible for maximum impact. Try alternating the legs as fast as you can.

Plank Jump

Plank jump

For this exercise you will have to start with the plank position. Engage your abs and jump, bringing the feet to your hands. Then jump again, extending the legs. For starters you should have 7 reps. You can increase the number of the reps as you gain muscle strength.



This is a very effective exercise. Lie on your back, extend the legs and raise them 3 inches off the floor. Bend the knees and crunch your abs. Hold position for one count and return to the starting position. For a higher impact, try to do the reps without lowering yourself to the floor.

Double Diamond

Double diamond

Stand with the feet wider than shoulder width apart. Squat as low as you can. Gather your momentum and jump up, bringing your hands together so that your fists will touch while bringing the heels together as well. This way you can form two diamonds.

Stance Jacks

Stance jacks

Start with the feet together, the fingers touching and the elbows bent. Jump into a wide squat, reaching the left hand towards the right foot. Repeat the other side as well and make sure that you push the hips back.