5 Easy Exercises For A Healthier Spine

Having a healthy spine is not only a good idea, but it is also important to your health. An unhealthy spine can cause a multitude of problems, both physical and mental.

Here are five good ways to exercise your spine which will build your back along with your spine.

1. Doing the Press Up

This exercise is a good one to use. This exercise starts from a push up [Pushup Exercises] position and allows the back to bend as if doing a standing back bend. Keep the lower back relaxed throughout.

This is one exercise that will not strain your back and will help to build flexibility. This is one of the best healthy spine exercises to do.

2. Lower Back Stretches

When promoting a healthy spine, chances are that you will also use lower back stretches to strengthen the lower back. Exercises such as the straight leg raises help to stretch the lower back and hamstrings.

Another exercise of note for the lower back is the “knees up” stretch. This is done by stretching the knees up to your chest and holding and then releasing.

3. Stand up Straight

Posture always affects the spine. Remember your mother always saying “stand up straight?” Your mother knew what she was talking about.

Having good posture eases a lot of stress on the spine and promotes a healthy spine.  There are several ways to change your posture. One is by standing up straight and the other is by sitting up straight.

4. Yoga Poses

Yoga poses are another good exercise to develop a healthy spine. The serpent pose for example is a good one to start with. You assume a lying down position with your hands shoulder length apart.

Press up like you are doing a push up and fully flex your back like a cobra. Other poses of note are the Sun Salute and Warrior I and II. These also exercise the spine.

5.  Chi Gong (Qi gong)

This Chinese form of exercise is vital to a healthy spine. These movements are slow and gentle and afford no jerking movements. This type of exercise is slow and gentle and exercises the back and spine gently. This type of exercise is good for the back.

By strengthening the spine and back with these types of exercises, you will be on the way to having a healthy back and spine.