Chest Workouts Can Improve Your Chest Level Easily!

Every man feels to have good look with perfect body. In order to have a manly look you should have fit body. You can make your body as Arnold’s body by just doing some fitness exercises daily.

You should concentrate on each and every part of the body such as thighs, hips, arms, chest etc. You should follow proper diet by taking all the necessary proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins needed for your body.

You should not stop your daily schedule of doing exercises in any case. This will lead to several problems in your body.Chest Workouts

Here are some exercises for your chest workout routine. These chest exercises should be performed properly to let the muscle attain full range of motion. You can get injured if you don’t perform the chest exercises properly.

Exercises needed for chest workout routine:

  1. Flat bench press.
  2. Incline bench press.
  3. Decline bench press.
  4. Flat bench dumbbell flyes.

The process of doing these exercises is as follows:

In flat bench press you should lie on a bench flatly by touching your feet firmly on the floor. Your back, butt, head and shoulders should be firmly positioned on the bench.

Now, you should roll your shoulders back in such a way that your shoulder blades should be firmly pressed against the bench and your chest must be sticking up.

Lift the bar off the rack and try to hold it with your arms straightly by widening your shoulders slightly and your palms should face forward. You should lower the bar in such a way that it should touch your chest.

You should not bounce the bar out of your chest. You have to press the bar straight until your arms get extended. You can do this exercise using dumbbells also.

Incline bench press is a chest workout routine that should be performed exactly as flat bench press, except lying on an incline bench. You can also use dumbbells instead of barbell to perform this exercise. Both flat bench and incline bench exercises are very effective.

Decline bench press is just like flat bench press but you should perform this on the decline bench. Every thing else is as same as the above two methods. In this also we can use dumbbells rather than a barbell.

In flat bench dumbbell flyes you should lie on a flat bench by touching your feet firmly on the floor. Your back, butt, head and shoulders should be firmly positioned on the bench.

You should press your dumbbells straight up above you by bending your elbows slightly and your palms have to face each other.

You should be in a position that your dumbbells should touch each other or they should be pretty close. Now by bending your elbows slightly, lower the dumbbells in an arc by keeping them away from each other until you have a comfortable stretch in chest area.

Now the next step is to raise them in the same arc to the starting position. You can also perform this exercise on incline bench and decline bench.

These are the best chest workouts that help your body to improve your chest level. But, you should not forget to take proper guidance from your fitness trainer before starting chest workout routine. Later on you can carry out these workouts by your own.