Celebrity Trainer’s Secret to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

For sure you may have heard about Joe Dowell and the many celebrities he helped get into shape.

Let’s see what does he recommend to those of us who are ready to fight the dreaded muffin top issue on the quest for a sexier summer bikini body.

The waistline is the area which stores fat first and loses it last, making it difficult to tone it. Unhealthy eating habits and stress contribute to the bulging muffin tops.

Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

A few focused exercises and a little care can help solve the issue provided you follow the celebrity trainer’s advice to the letter.

Solve your diet issues

The first step would be to stop overeating and control the calorie intake. Consult a nutrition expert to determine your daily calorie needs and stick to the recommended diet. Food plays a major role in weight loss programs.

Exercise helps to burn the extra fat, but will help only when one doesn’t store more fat then they burn.

Opt for high fiber and lean protein foods. With your diet back on the rails, try these waist-trimming exercises, in addition to a regular workout, to bust the muffin top.

Simple exercises but effective reps

Standing twists

Stand with your knees bent slightly, hands behind the head. Make sure that the elbows are wide. Twist the body to one side and then to the other. Make sure that the hips do not move when you bend, alternating sides. 100 reps would be ideal.

Side bends

Keep your feet apart at hip distance and stand straight. Bend sideways, touching your toes with one hand, and raising the other hand to place it on the hips. Repeat on the other side, each time with one arm raised and the other down. 100 reps will set the pace.

Jack knives

Lay flat on a bench or floor, with arms stretching above the head and legs straight. Keep the toes pointing towards the ceiling. Raise your legs to 90 or 45 degrees angle. As you raise the legs, reach out with your arms trying to touch the toes. Keep the shoulders off the bench. Return to starting position and repeat 40 times.

Manage stress levels

High stress levels trigger cravings for sugary and starchy food that finally end up by enhancing the muffin top. It would be easier to manage food cravings if one could control or soothe its triggers. A major trigger is stress. Stress is caused by increased cortisol levels. High cortisol levels trigger food cravings and pave the way to overeating.

According to Joe Dowell here are the three simple ways to keep the cortisol in balance: eat regularly, sleep well and have intensive workouts. Keeping the stress levels down will make sure your muffin top workout will be the most effective.