Eating Out, Without Packing On The Pounds

Eating out means good food together with convenience for those short of time, but it is not the best for your health or a weight loss program. To eat out without packing on the pounds, follow some simple rules:

Limit the number of times you eat out. Make a rule that you eat out no more than once or twice a week. This will automatically reduce the amount of extra calories that eating out generally means.

Pick slow food over fast food. This is a no-brainer but bears repeating: Fast food may be convenient but it is hardly healthy. Quickly and deep fried items made from Trans fats, refined flour with little or no nutritional value pass for food so give fast food a miss.eating

Order fewer or smaller portions. Portion control can be the key to any fitness program and should particularly be kept in mind when eating out.

Beware the sauce, the dressing! A portion of meat may not itself be fattening but drown it in gravy and you have a calorie fest.

A salad, supposedly so healthy may render itself lethal with a high calorie dressing. Opt for vinaigrette dressing instead.

So remember, you can eat out as long as you eat smart!