How To Avoid College Weight Gain?

College life can be a big hustle, with all the work from reading, doing assignments and research.

Your body can become so much exhausted in a day such that you may have no time at all to exercise.

Lack of exercise will then cause an increase in body fat thus causing you to gain weight, which can be very undesirable at times.

Meals at college are also often characterized by takeaway foods that are not healthy at all and are termed junk foods. Junk foods are high in fats and cholesterol.

These substances are high in energy and if you are consuming such foods without any exercise you pose a risk of gaining excess weight (excess weight gain). These foods will be converted into fats which are then stored in your body.

Another activity that is common amongst college students is drinking. Alcohol is high on energy, this energy if not used as in during exercise then it will be stored as fat reserves in areas such as the belly.

This is the reason why most drinkers who do not do any exercise have huge bellies. Even students that do not drink can also gain weight this is because these students have unlimited access to soda drinks that are very high on energy.

Ways to stop weight gain worries

There is however a way to stop your weight gain worries while you are at college. All you need to do is get involved in some form of exercise.

You need to join a gym class or dance group (dancing) at your college. You need not to exercise for a long period of time. Exercise done for 30 minutes (30 minute exercise) is ideal for maintaining a good weight index.

Going for a morning jog will help you burn excess fats and reduce your weight. Going for a jog will also help your mind to relax, thus not only will you be exercising to stay fit but you will also be preparing the mind to tackle a new day’s work.

Exercise alone will not guarantee you a healthy mind and good weight. You will have to go the extra mile by making changes to your diet (weight loss diet).

You should reduce fatty foods such as French fries and go on healthier foods that have more protein than fats such as fish and seafood. This is because fats have high calories which require extra effort to burn out thus if you do not exercise enough you will gain weight.

Drink plenty of water; water helps remove toxins in the body. Toxins affect vital body functions such as respiration, so if they are removed from the circulatory system it will function properly and you will not have any weight gain problems.